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You’re not like anyone else – why should your kitchen be? That’s why our design process is focused on you and turning your special hopes and dreams into reality. At the same time, we carefully manage the entire project for you from concept through completion so not even the smallest detail is overlooked.

During our partnership, the excitement builds as your vision takes shape in personalized drawings and floor plans… all leading up to your dream becoming a stunning reality that enhances your life and home.

Getting Started

We start by getting to know you. How many cooks are in your home? What kitchen appliances do you use most? How do you like to entertain? What challenges do you have in your current space?

Our team of experienced designers then integrate key elements including cutting-edge kitchen appliances, lighting, countertops, flooring, fixtures and more to create a total environment that complements your personal style and is an enduring centerpiece for the very heart of your home.

Wish List

What storage options are you interested in?

  • An essential piece of every kitchen design is ensuring that you have enough storage space for everything that you use in your kitchen. Everyone needs space for food, dishes and pots and pans, but you probably have some other unique items that you want to make sure are accounted for. Ask yourself where you will store the following:

    • Storage containers

    • Recycling center

    • Tall items (brooms, mops, etc.)

    • Linens

    • Wine bottles

    • Small appliances

    • Bulk items

    • Cooking Utensils

    • Cookbooks

    • Baking supplies

    • Baking utensils

    • Extra storage for mail and other household items

What other features are important to you?

Are you looking for ample counter space? Maybe you’re worried about having an accessible cooking area. Or maybe what matters most is organized cleanup. Whatever you see in your dream kitchen, let our designers know!

Know Your Style


The architecture of your house can speak volumes to your choice of kitchen style. Many homeowners want to echo the house's style in the kitchen. If your house is a formal Colonial Revival, you'll want to go with traditional styling. A log house would benefit from a woody, rustic look in the kitchen. A fancy, Old World-style kitchen, conversely, would look out of place in a sleek, modern home.

House Layout

How open your kitchen is to the nearby living spaces will influence its style. The trend in recent decades toward great rooms that include the family room, breakfast nook and kitchen has led toward uniform styling throughout. As a part of the great room, the kitchen often sets the tone for the rest of the space. If your kitchen is set apart from living spaces -- as is often the case in older houses -- you'll have more freedom to choose a different style.


Recent decades have seen the increasing popularity of commercial-style appliances, usually in stainless steel. Because of their classic styling, they work well in a lot of style settings and seem to be welcome in almost any kitchen. Such appliances allow a kitchen with traditional styling to echo the house's architecture while providing the stylish, modern conveniences that many home cooks require.

Personal Taste

Despite these considerations, it's your kitchen, so you can do what you want with it. If you have a stuffy, formal house and you're looking for a breath of fresh air in the kitchen, you could do it up in the Southwestern style you fell in love with on your honeymoon. You can also add elements of a different style without committing to unusual or quirky cabinets and expensive surface materials. You can achieve a lot of style with paint and accessories that you can reverse if you decide to do so.

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